Meet the muse: Ulrike Feindt & Cleo, Berlin

a series of catching up with StudioKôr muses

Ulrike Feindt is the brain behind Suun Berlin, an institution for conscious connected breathwork. Along the way, it’s taken eperimentation and a willingness to go all-in on her independence as breathwork coach. Born and raised in Berlin, she knows the city by heart and reveals her favourite places. We visited Ulrike and dog Cleo in her beautiful wild garden. The wooden house that is part of the premises is also the place where her breathwork sessions take place.

her feelings for Berlin

I was born and raised in Berlin and I never really left the city for long. I am deeply connected with Berlin and no matter where I go I feel it pulls me back here - it's home! I guess I am inspired by the diversity of the city, no matter how crazy a thing is, you'll find it in Berlin. Still the city doesn't lose its down to earth vibe.

her morning routine

My morning routine is always changing but the consistent basics are movement/exercise, breathwork and meditation. I allow myself to adjust my practice to my cycle so that it's aligned with my energy during the month.

her style and shopping habits

Everything has to be convenient/good to combine and it has to feel good on me. I don't like clothes that make me feel like 'better not breathing into my belly in this'. I am quite intuitive with shopping, I'd look at a piece of clothing and immediately have a feeling about if it fits me and my existing wardrobe. Same with styling, most of the mornings I intuitively know what I want to wear, it also pretty much pretends on my cycle. Some days I feel more expressive, some days I want to dissolve in no silhouette or colour.

her love for vintage and pre-loved fashion

My wardrobe is a good mix of good quality casual basics with special and vintage pieces. I love going on a treasure hunt in second hand shops in the west, where all the elderly wealthy ladies drop off their old designer pieces. But I also love pre-curated vintage shops like StudioKôr, I can really appreciate the effort it took to present me a small variety of pieces, in great condition and fantastic colour palette with so much love for detail, it just makes me happy.

her home decor

I prefer a good mix of clean modern shapes, good quality timeless furniture that will last forever and everything has to be practical and efficient. We also do have some really personal art pieces from family members and friends.

her recommended places in Berlin

I love how green Berlin is so one of my most favorite places would be Grunewald forest. It's my place for grounding, stillness and connection to Mother Earth. I also love my neighborhood in the city west. I grew up in the west and always felt at home between poshy old ladies walking their pugs in heavy dusty furcoats at Kudamm. I love having a stroll in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Neukölln with all the nice cafes and restaurants but then I also enjoy coming home into my little down to earth backyard apartment to the grumpy neighbors with big hearts. Last but not least I will have to mention my little oasis garden house in a very classical Berlin Schrebergarten. This is the place where I share my work with clients but also a place for community with my closest friends and family. It's a very special piece of land which I never want to miss again.

her favourite records, books and movies

I mostly read spiritual/health and wellbeing books, maybe not for everyone but worth a read. Neale Donald Walsh 'Conversations with god', Sanaya Roman 'Living with joy' (a nice book about the power of projection and mindset), James Nestor- Breath 'The sience of a lost art' (Nestor gives a great overview about all the facettes of working with the breath), Bessel van der Kolk 'The body keeps the score' (a book about trauma, quite scientific but mindblowing for me personaly and my work).Music wise I am always on a journey and in flow, although consistent artists in my playlist are Jose Gonzales, East Forest or Rhye. I also do listen to a little bit of house music, preferably when I go out or work out. Beyonce's 'Renaissance' album was also a great favorit this year.(A few) movies I like: Wes Anderson Movies in general but favorite ones are 'Moonrise Kingdom' and 'Fantastic Mister Fox', 'Minari', 'Corsage', 'Cherry blossoms and red beans', 'Everything Everywhere All at Once', 'Call Me by Your Name.'

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