Meet the muse: Chinh Nguyen, Berlin

a series of catching up with StudioKôr muses

Chinh Nguyen is someone who manages to always look stylish without being focussed on trends. Her style is classic and effortless but still fashion-forward. We caught up with Chinh at her home in Berlin Kreuzberg to talk about furniture, Berlin as her hometown and her addiction to find the perfect vintage treasure. 

her feelings for Berlin

I came to Berlin with my family when I was a kid and have been living here ever since. I moved first to Weißensee, then Lichtenberg, Neukölln — and now I live in Kreuzberg. I can't really say what exactly it is about Berlin that makes it so inspiring. I personally have changed over the years and so has my relationship with the city. Sometimes Berlin sucks, sometimes it gives me hope and various opportunities but at the end of the day, it will always be the place I “just” call home.

her morning routine

I'm a person who is always in a rush because I prefer to sleep as long as possible. I can skip breakfast but what I can't miss out is a cup of matcha or chai tea every morning. 

her style and shopping habits

I'm the kind of person who shops for occasions. My style is fashion-forward but still classic and effortless. Since lockdowns and restrictions, I’ve noticed that there is no need (or will) for me to buy new clothes. Therefore I'm investing more in my home. A big wish of mine has come true this year and I'm now a happy owner of a string shelving system. It makes me feel like a proper adult 

her love for vintage and pre-loved fashion

Whenever possible, I buy vintage. Ebay Kleinanzeigen is my go-to website. I’ve been spending way too much time on it. But second hand or not, I think in general the most sustainable way is consuming less.

her passion for interior design

I basically collect everything I like but ofc also what my budget allows. I don't aim for a specific style thus it's difficult to define. But if I have to I would say mid-century modern, a bit Scandi but also functional.

her recommended places in Berlin

My favourite places are always somehow connected to food. There are so many nice places in Berlin but I'm never totally satisfied! I always think a place can be better or I have to keep discovering new spots. New restaurants, new bars, new cafes… In that way, I have a real food FOMO issue. I find it super difficult to pick only one absolute favourite. But my Top 5 places would be ichi いち, Zum heiligen Teufel, Mariona, Lecker Song and Thanh Koch.

her favourite records, books and movies

Books that I absolutely love and sometimes still think about are "Du meine Pappel im roten Kopftuch" (couldn't find an English translation) by Tschingis Aitmatow (which I found in a public bookcase) and "Homegoing" by Yaa Gyasi. One of the best live bands (back in the days when concerts were allowed) is Durand Jones & The Indications. Their records are amazing as well. And one of my all-time favourite movie is "In the mood for Love."

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