Meet the muse: Vivian Silva & Finley, Berlin

a series of catching up with StudioKôr muses

We chatted to Vivian in her apartment in Berlin Mitte about her journey from California to Berlin, her favourite places in the city and why she loves thrift and vintage shopping. Vivian has an eclectic sensibility for art and design that naturally pours into her apartment. As a charming and extraordinarily talented person, we loved getting inspired by her style and home. 

her feelings for Berlin

I came to Berlin from California in late 2018 with my husband just because. We didn’t really have a solid plan at the time but two years in and it’s been incredible getting to meet new friends and establish a new life here. Berlin is really such an idiosyncratic place due to its history and its eccentricities. This will be my second year here and I couldn’t imagine moving anywhere else at this point. 

her morning routine

I honestly wish I did but no morning is ever the same for me. Usually I’m running around. I’d like to have a morning routine by stretching, some breathing exercises and drinking a glass of water with lemon in it. 

her style and shopping habits

I like to buy things that I know will last me a long time. When I go shopping I make sure that I can make many outfits out of one piece and I also like to feel for quality. While I do like the minimalist style, I also love one of a kind pieces. My favorite brand for that kind of thing is Paloma Wool! 

her love for vintage and pre-loved fashion

Absolutely love it! Back in California I would go to thrift and vintage stores 4 days a week, it was a serious addiction and my idea of fun. My favorite piece I ever had was a silk Christian Dior blouse, my Mom loved it so much so I gave it to her. 

her passion for interior design

My home is a mix of styles, I’d say it’s got a dash of boho meets minimalist. I mostly have vintage furniture from our local "flohmarkts" and little trinkets as decoration. Recently, I found these cool vintage ink pots that have been repurposed with porcelain doll heads. Some would say that’s weird but I love it! One of my favorite things about our apartment is our walls. I painted them with a clay textured paint to give it the concrete look. It immediately gave our place a much cozier feel. 

her recommended places in Berlin

For shopping I really love Neuzwei in Neukölln and Grus Grus in Wedding, they’ve got some great vintage pieces! To eat I really enjoy going to MädchenItaliener in Mitte for some delicious pasta. 

her favourite records, books and movies

Earlier this year I went to see Queen and Slim and I absolutely loved it, from the storyline, actors, and production. Just beautiful!
Sadly, I don’t read as much as I wish I could, so I can’t say I have a favorite book. But I do have many favorite records! I like a varied amount of music but I have to say one of my top 5 is Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black album. It gives me all the feels. 

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